The Cost of Starting a Career in Comedy

Rizzle is here to cover the start-up costs of video creators and comedians pursuing their dream careers.

It’s no secret that the world of comedy, especially the writers’ rooms, has long been an exclusive boy’s club rewarding Ivy League graduates and the occasional producer’s nephew. But what about the 99% of comedy writers who weren’t Harvard Lampoon classmates with Colin Jost? Most comedy writers with steady industry jobs aggressively pursued their passion on the side for years before it became their main source of income.

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  • Perform and meet like-minded collaborators

Rizzle is here to cover these “start-up costs” and help creators elevate their content.

Since October, we’ve greenlit more than 1,000 series, providing at least a small budget for emerging creators to produce content that they own and can share across social platforms.

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Talent & Development Manager, Rizzle

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